Chesser Auctioneers GDPR Privacy Policy

In view of the recent Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) which came into effect on the 25th of May 2018, Chesser Auctioneers will be continuing to provide and comply with these new measures set out to protect the integrity of an individual’s personal data once shared with our company.

This information will only be used for its intended purpose and will not be made communal to any other party outside of the Chesser firm. To conduct our services, we may need to request personal data from you such as name, address and contact details. Subject to circumstances, we might also need to obtain or request further personal details. With prior consent, there will be a need to process this data so that we can complete and perform the services which can be provided by us. This data will only be used for legitimate purposes and we can ensure that your privacy is protected at all times.

How Your Data is Used

  • So that we can deliver the property services you have requested
  • Compliance with our legal obligations (e.g. Money Laundering)
  • To provide you with details about other services in line with your interests which have already requested
  • Notification for changes to our services / terms and conditions
  • Security vetting

Security of Your Data

Adhering to the responsibilities that are now expected of all companies in their respective industries, we will remain to protect our client’s interests wherever we can. Unfortunately, the transmission of information by means of the internet, including through email, is not entirely secure, therefore we cannot fully guarantee that the security of your data transmitted to or from us by the means of email is entirely protected.

Storage of Your Data

Your data will be stored in a number of locations. The physical files are stored in our office along with our archives. The electronic files are stored on both our secure servers and on the cloud.

Data Retention

Your data will only be reserved with us for as long as is necessary. According to the relevant law, we may only store your data for as long as we provide services to you or for the period of no less than 7 years from the date we create your file.


We will through the nature of communication over email obtain your personal data such as your name / address and contact number. If you volunteer to submit this information to us along with any other personal details, you will be consenting to its internal processing by us.


This privacy statement may be reviewed and updated. If there are any changes made, this version will be updated on our website, as appropriate. If you would like to make contact regarding this update and to better understand our practices, please contact us by Email or Phone: +353 61 419 799. If you wish to be removed from our data base, a request can also be made to the above email address.