Management Services

Chesser Auctioneers provide a comprehensive property management service for both residential and commercial properties.

Our Property Management Services include:

  • Residential Letting & Property Management

  • Residential Block Management

  • Commercial Property Management

We ensure that our client’s properties are professionally managed on a day-to-day basis.

Residential & Commercial Portfolio

Residential & Block Property Management Service

We can arrange upkeep of a property, when necessary, but only with the property owners prior approval

We can act as the point of contact for tenants in relation to all repairs and maintenance and arrange as necessary for

  • Execute adequate Insurance for the property, along with public liability
  • Verify the property meets all Health & Safety regulations
  • Arrange for rent collection and remittance to landlord
  • Carry out inspections of the property
  • Secure payment of NPPR/LPT
  • Agree sinking fund
  • Maintenance of essential items and services
  • Repairs/replacement of damaged items
  • Internal cleaning


  • We arrange for monthly payments to be made directly to your nominated bank account
  • Preparation of yearly property management accounts detailing all items of income and expenditure
  • We will keep appropriate accounts and pay invoices in relation to all maintenance and other costs with copies of same to be included in end of year accounts

In Preparing For A New Tenancy

At The End of A Tenancy

  • Release to market
  • Internal cleaning

  • Repairs/replacement of items where required

  • Reference check applicants prior to approval

  • Create a contract compliant to current regulations

  • Assure that the new tenants are suited to the property

  • Maintenance of essential items ahead of lease commencement

  • Retrieve the keys from the tenant
  • Carry out an inspection of the property

  • Note the readings on the gas/electricity meters

  • Check the inventory of the contents of the property

  • Organise the final accounts for various utilities where possible

  • Assess the extent of repairs/maintenance work necessary and advise client