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For any maintenance issues that are presented to a Chesser tenant within one of our rented properties, there are a number of steps which can be taken to avoid contractors visiting and unnecessary expenses being incurred. There is a degree of self-maintenance expected from tenants, so with that in mind, we have outlined an FAQ section below as a first port of call for tenants who experience any issues listed in a rented property.

Outside of this directory, all maintenance issues or concerns must be sent to [email protected] or simply fill out the maintenance form below. Both require as much detail as possible along with noting the apartment address, name and contact details of the tenant. On this form there will also be the ability to upload images. This will assist us in identifying what contractor is required, shortening waiting times and to allow the contractors themselves to make the appropriate preparations in advance of a visit.

Please be mindful that a tenant may absorb the full call out charge if a contractor or professional verifies that the steps outlined in the FAQ were not undertaken beforehand.

    With your permission can we access the apartment as soon as a contractor is available to us?

    Please upload any images of the maintenance issues:

    Tenant FAQ

    If you experience a leak, try to isolate where it is coming from and stop using that item. If this stops the leak, report the issue to [email protected]. If you have a serious leak please turn off the water supply immediately from the mains. If the leak is coming from your neighbouring property you must try to contact the occupants immediately. You must always report a leak of any description to our office.

    If an appliance in your property isn’t working and was supplied as part of your tenancy, you will need to check the following;

    • Does another appliance work in this plug socket? If so, the appliance is faulty, as opposed to the power source.
    • If another appliance doesn’t work in this socket check the fuse board to see if electrics have tripped.
    • If the appliance appears faulty, please log and detail the issue with [email protected]
    • Empty washing machine filters regularly and empty any water collected in condensing dryers.
    • Rinse dishes before stacking them in dishwashers – it is for cleaning dishes, it is not a waste compacter.
    • If a vacuum cleaner/Hoover is supplied then empty the cylinder or bags regularly. This will keep the appliances working at their optimum level. Please note that a vacuum cleaner will not necessarily be supplied at every property.
    • Attempt to unblock sinks, toilets and external drains using bleach or specifically manufactured products in the event of a blockage.
    • Refrain from disposing food stuffs such as rice, coffee grain, peels etc down the kitchen sink. These will cause blockages and prevent the water from draining.

    All our apartment blocks have a fire maintenance contract in place. It is the tenant’s responsibility to carry out basic upkeep of the alarms inside a property. These duties encompass –

    • Cleaning the smoke detectors by wiping and hoovering them.
    • Checking the smoke detectors by use of the test button to check they sound – this should be done at least weekly.
    • Replacing the batteries as necessary – the smoke detectors are designed to ‘beep’ when the batteries are getting low. Most of these detectors use a 9 volt ‘square’ battery. The smoke detectors remove from their base in a variety of methods but usually twist or slide off.

    If you identify any unwelcome or “non-residents” within your apartment block, please report this to our office and if necessary An Garda Siochana. If you are affected by late night disturbances, abusive neighbours or feel intimidated in any way by other residents, you must report this to our office.  This also applies to any “in house” issues that you can identify.

    Residents should ensure that nothing that they or their visitors do will interfere with other occupants within the house / apartment / block or the neighbourhood. The result of anti-social behaviour on the part of a tenant and/or any of their visitors will result in official notice procedures being pursued. This can weigh penalty procedures to vacate.

    When a tenant first moves into a property, meter readings will be given so that an account can be established with a preferred provider. It is vitally important that this is done within 48 hours as the account will need to be closed off for the landlord and liability removed. If you have any issues here, please notify our office. The same relates when vacating a property. Each of the utilities must not be in arrears when closing as deposits can be retained to clear any accounts in a negative. Where applicable, all meter readings can be provided upon request when required.

    Below are the notice periods a Tenant must give a Landlord pursuant to Section 66, Table 2 of Residential Tenancies Act 2004 (the “2004 Act”) as amended by the Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2015 (the “2015 Act”).

    Duration of Tenancy Notice Period
    Less than 6 months 28 days
    6+ months, but less than one year 35 days
    1+ year, but less than two years 42 days
    2+ years, but less than 4 years 56 days
    4+ years, but less than 8 years 84 days
    8+ years 112 days

    Official notice to vacate must be submitted by email to [email protected] and to the agent in which you rented the property from.

    This will then be acknowledged and the process below will be initiated.

    • Photos will need to be taken ahead of re-marketing the property. We will make arrangements with you to visit at a convenient time. Please ensure the apartment is presentable (clean and tidy) with no personal belongings in sight.
    • There then may be occasions in the following weeks where access will be required to conduct viewings. Advance notice of these appointments will be provided, and access requested. Please again ensure the apartment is presentable (clean and tidy) with no personal belongings in sight.
    • When the apartment is vacated, we will perform an exit inspection. This is a standard exercise to evaluate the condition of the apartment. We need to then assess what works may be required ahead of new tenants moving in. This exit inspection will also consider anything outside of fair wear and tear. The deposit is in place to cover such costs (if applicable). Once approved, we can then issue the deposit back to you after 5 working days.
    • All utility bills to be closed off on your final day. These can be provided to you upon request.
    • All keys and fobs should then be returned to the office. The non-return of a key or fob will result in the cost to replace being deducted out of the deposit.
    • Apartment must be cleaned to a high standard with particular attention to the oven, fridge and bathrooms so as to avoid cleaning costs being deducted from the deposit. Minimum charge is €150.00.
    • All food stuffs and personal items must also be removed.